Best learning platform.

When talking  about learning, the word ‘school’ directly comes in our mind.

But, now the world has vastly changed and if you think that school can be the only learning place then I am sure that you are still in 19th century.

Well, in today’s world, any sources can be your learning platform. You need to visualize and find the key points of learning platform. The modern learning platform are:

    1. Internet-Google Search
    2. YouTube- one of the best learning platform
    3. Facebook-latest information and news
    4. Library-collection of different books
    5. Educational Institution-School, University, Training Centers, Educational Tours
  • INTERNET-Google Search:
    Google Search is the best learning platform. You can answer of your answer in google search. But sometime google search is unreliable because anyone input their view and information on this platform. And, many sites are found scam on google. Many Schools and Universities are using google products, programs and machine to improve learning platform and innovation.


  • YOUTUBE:104269525-4ED2-BL-Youtube-020817.1910x1000                                       

YouTube was founded on february 14 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Millions of people get their degree professionally with the help of this channel. We can upload our videos here on any topic.  YouTube provides numerous of educational materials and this is the easy way to build up your careers and aim.  Youtube even allows users to make their videos so that learners can learn from this channel. Youtube has become one of the best learning tools and resources around the world. 




Every individual facebook account is own by individual under the facebook corporation. Nowadays, millions of people get online on facebook each day. And, every single information about weathers, accidental report, diplomatic relationship between countries and trade are highlighted in facebook. Some business class facebook provide information and knowledgeable data on particular topics. People knows every single news on facebook. So, facebook has been able to get it’s direct influence of people and one of the most important learning platform.


 library Library is the place where we can find the collection of books on different title and every types of books can be available whether historical or adventures books. Library is a silent zone with full of knowledge and we can broaden our mind spending our time in library. So, library is also the learning platform. Library is also a place where we treat books as our best friends. Though the text in books available in library is very short, but these text have very high meaning on our society and environment. 


160624-duke-university-submitted.jpg  Educational Institution like school, universities, colleges, training centres, outdoor educational tour are also the medieval and also the trending learning platform. We can get real knowledge platform in educational institution because we are obliged to get attended in this platform to acquire knowledge. We can skip our learning time in other platform, because there is no any mandatory to be attended daily on youtube and google search to get knowledge. We can visit these sites any time whenever we are in doubt. So, Educational Institution is the one the best learning platform among the others. We can even get help from universities friends on this platform to clear our doubt.

If you have any doubt and more ideas on learning platform then please comment below.

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depressed-woman                                                    When we used to be child, we exactly don’t know the true value of life and we just get lose in our own world where we always dream to be supernatural power. When time passes, we grows up. When we grows up, we will know the value of life and the problems that obstruct our happiness in life.

Depression is the exactly the same psychological and emotional situation that disturb our happy moment in life. People get depressed for many tiny and big reason. Workload, poor family background, family problems and relationship break-up are the major cause of depression. Being getting serious victim of depression can kills human.

During depression situation, one should encourage his/her friends or anyone to let them know about the boundless beauty on world and tackle their personal problems by somehow. Sometime, people even try to get suicide because of depression. So in such condition, if you help him/her to overcome his/her problem then you can even save his her life. When god created human, he want them to make this earth beautiful with kind people. And, when you save one human, you are meant to be god who saved beautiful social creature made by god.

So, never let your friends and relatives to be depressed emotionally and personally.

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How to increase your facebook official page followers?

ways to increase followers

While talking about page followers and likes, it’s not a big  deal to get millions of followers on page..

Only the thing that you should get in your mind is patient and continuous efforts towards your goal to enhance your page followers.The simple step to increase your page followers are:

  •    First step to increase your page follower is to invite your all friends on facebook and share your page on your timeline.
  • Convince all your friends to follow your page and also convince them to share your official page.
  • Make your pals to invite your page to their friends. And, if this process of ongoing inviting friends friends then you will surely hit on your page.

There is another option for directly and quickly increase your page followers without boring process of  inviting friends. For that, you must be card holder and need to make your expenses. So, what you to do is hit on promote my page. After all you need to put your account number and pin number. You can directly view your page on facebook users pages around the world. Your page promotion will be on daily basis and page promotion depend on your expenses.

Which two technique you find the best? And, if you have  any more than  i had mention then please comment and post your idea..

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Social Media negative impacts on human lives.

While talking about social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchats, Twitter, WeChat and many more comes in our mind.


Social media have brought benefits in our lives but it has the same negative points too. Social media like facebook and instagram socialize us in our society and these application make our approach in our society via the access of internet. We can share our feelings, situation, activities and emotion to all the people around the world. These social media can unite the relationship of love and friendship. Social media has been an example of uniting the departed members of the family members too. While in the other side, it have many negative impact too..

Once, a girl wrote on her timeline that “Today i am free from family burden because my family went out to trip for few days” and she posted it publicly. The same day, her house was robbed by a stranger that the stranger also came to know that her house is empty. It also sometime degrade our mind. Social media sometime highlight false news which become viral. Many people fall in blindfold love with stranger through the connection of social media and people get emotionally and psychologically blackmail. So, considering these true facts, we can say that there is many negative impact of social media in our lives too..



Education System in Nepal.

Nepal is multi-diversified country with boundless caste of people living in different geographical structure with their unique appearance. Nepal is regarded as the country of Mount. Everest, Lord Gautam Buddha (founder of Buddhism), country with peace zone and eco-friendly country. Nepal is a small country but filled with unlimited natural boons and gifts.

Although, Nepal is a small nation but it’s wide range of popularity is around the world but till now, the advancement process in Nepal is very slow in comparison to global acts. Nepal is still facing many problems in different fields due to the lack of human resources skills.

The education system in Nepal is very traditional still in some part of its region and education system is still the same. There is no perfect provision of modern approach of learning and teaching techniques in Nepal. In western country, students are taught practically in university and high schools. But in Nepal, students are urge to study and read everything theoretically. The have to remember every line and paragraph in their mind for exam. Only some of the affiliated and private educational institute are using the modern approach of Artificial Technology (AI ) in educational sector. Only in few institute projectors, online learning procedure and foreign learning ideas are applied.

Dear readers, I need your comments how an educational system  and learning process can be improve in Nepal?


An inspiring story of a girl….

Today, i went to market with my friends because he is going to abroad for his study and he even has to meet his uncle who just came from village.

While roaming around the busy street and noisy market, we saw a girl of probably 13 years writing homework  in front of everyone and on the other side, she was selling her stuff. So, that she could get small amount of money to buy educational materials. She was selling socks and gloves for winter season. Everybody was surprised to see her and for the moment, she became a part of inspiration to me and everybody.

Unfortunately, I could take her picture. I wish someone could understand her feelings and future aim. Pray for her successful future…..


Purple Towel

Well, I am not professional blog-writer but I want to share my remarkable moment of life with purple towel.

I was admitted to hostel since I was 5 by my father because they was not able to care me and they don’t want my future to be spoiled. I always used to stay at hostel and there i had managed to make many good friends from same place of mine. I was born in such place where there is still no access of telecommunication, road network, education facilities but naturally fill with nature beauty.

I always used to wait for my father at gate when our vacation begins. But, he never comes to meet me because he cannot even afford the bus-fare and aeroplane-fare. I was literally born in poor family and still. I was shocked and surprised because my father and some of my relatives came to meet me when i was at grade 6. And, for the first time I went to just 10 days holidays as we were given holiday for “Lhosar” (Buddhist New Year). During my vacation i got beautiful and wonderful moment to spend time with him. When my vacation was nearly finished, my father gave me purple towel so I could rub my hand and face. That, towel always remind me my father and his love toward me. I still have purple towel and it is one of the most expensive love of my life.

These days, I am studying with the sponsorship of non-profit organization and i had face my struggle in my life even in tiny things. But, I love and enjoy my life.

I think, those who have their good dad and mom, they are really lucky guy on the earth because there is even many guy like me who had been living away from their parent though they want to spend together. So, NEVER HATE YOUR PARENTS and THEY ARE THE BEAUTIFUL PART OF YOUR LIFE..