Hello and Tashi Delek !!

Welcome to my website “Blissful Life” and this is my homepage….

I  initiate this simple official website to let people know about the what life really is and about the things going on life. Enjoy your life till you are alive because when you are about to die, you will have no any single idea to enjoy. The great man used to says thatThe Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and prove has change people ideology on life.

Sometime in pursuit of happiness, people forget their relationship and they get obstruct with their life. Every tiny moments make life beautiful and remarkable. So, find out your best moment and find your way to enjoy with that moment.



Blissful Life

Every tiny second of happiness and special moments are blissful life and part of our life. Life cannot be complete without happiness, sorrow, anxiety, envy and selfishness. Human nature,  and behavior differentiate the way of life.

Life is like a piece of bread, if eaten it cannot be make in its original form. The moments of life cannot be re-back once it comes to happen.